Ohio State Brutus Touched My Nuts T-Shirt

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You know that tingly feeling you get in your hearts (and pants) when the band starts playing music, such as the fight song, you already added to your “(if I ever get the chance to have) sex” playlist?

You guessed it, you just got nut tapped by our very own mascot, Brutus the Buckeye. Whether you knew it or not we have all, guys and girls alike, been touched the same way in a bonding phenomenon that now far extends frat house dreams.

And now we have a shirt to commemorate our collective nut touching.

These easy, breezy, and a little bit sleazy shirts are the perfect accessories to any game (with small children around) and family gathering. Let everyone know that your University-appointed Nut touched your universally-disappointing nuts and you are damn proud to be a Buckeye.

We’ve all been waiting for an Ohio State shirt that takes advantage of the double entendre that takes advantage of our nut mascot and here it is. Grab these shirts like Brutus grabbed you—quickly and held tightly in a sensitive place.